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Week One: Adaptive Yoga Intentions

April 3, 6-7


Create intentions. Make connections. Define what it means to be a teacher. Learn the who, what, where, how and why of adaptive yoga. Introduce our teaching sequence. Ask questions and create conversation around inclusive language.

Week Two: Yogic Movement & Meaning

April 10, 13-14

Understand universal practices and principles of yoga. Learn postures and asana categories. Explore esoteric philosophy, history and ethics - as well as concrete anatomical references and adjustments.

Week Three: SEVA & The Subtle-Body

April 17, 20-21

Explore subtle body energetics and comprehend the physiological workings. Uphold the practice and philosophy of SEVA. Know the importance of slowing down and restoring the body.  

Week Four: History, Philosophy, Anatomy & Ayurveda

April 24, 27-28

Attune to the relationship of our spine, physical movement, anatomy and alignment. Create space that fosters inclusion. Discover the sister-science of yoga (Ayurveda) and other yogic historical content.


Week Five: Variation & Contratindication

May 1, 4-5

Recognize different physical ability levels and what is - or is not - safe. Understand mechanics and healthy movements appropriate to different bodies. Learn to teach traditional yoga techniques and then to adapt. 

Week Six: Mind Over Matter 


May 11-12

Familiarize self with different cognitive abilities. Experience the energetics of assists. Empower self and each other to step into our teaching voice. Learn to inspire, uplift, and personally develop. 

Week Seven: Prana & Practice Makes Practice

May 15, 18-19

Review of material, practice teach and explore pranayama. Receive and give feedback. Learn to demonstrate, observe, assist. Understand different learning modalities of students. Grasp the business of yoga.

Week Eight: Cultivate Mind, Body & Spirit

May 22, 25-26

Cultivate sensitivity to mental and emotional circumstances. Learn the responsibilities of a yoga instructor. Review the yoga sutras, sacred texts, and subtle body.


Week Nine: Self-Care, Sutras & Sequencing 

May 29, June 1-2

Identify special populations. Talk about body image, acceptance, and embracing. Emphasize the importance of ethics and boundaries a yoga instructor as well as self-care and self-study. 

Week Ten: The Art of Assists & Adjustments

June 5, 8-9

Know how to develop a class plan, sequence poses together mindfully, and successfully lead a yoga class (traditional and adaptive). Review teaching techniques for meditation, pranayama, asana.

Week Eleven: Mantra, Meditate & Elevate

June 12, 15-16

Adventure through the devotional side of yoga - mantra, kirtan and bhakti. Resonate in inner-body sensation and self-discovery. 

Outside Hours:

Time & Dates TBD

Outside hours include: makeup hours, personal practice, SEVA project, and “personal development”.